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KCL space show Q&A

17 OCTOBER, 2021

Hello! We are starting a new show airing on our Youtube Channel soon! We are looking to answer all of your space-related questions so please do ask them below! Make sure to tick the category you think your question fits in.

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Employment Skills Workshops

5 MARCH, 2021

Currently they have a series of employment skills workshops planned for March which would be followed by an international Space Jobs Fair with 25 (and counting) companies attending.
10th March 2021: CV Writing Skills & Strategies
12th March 2021: Entrepreneurial Skills Session
19th March 2021: Interview Preparation

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Podcast Series: 
Across the Karman Line

19TH JANUARY, 2021

The series focuses on trying to let people from various backgrounds see the potential of using their skills to work for the Space industry on the YouTube & Spotify Platform. 1st Episode was released on 19th January 2021 on YouTube.


Women in Space


They released a Women in Space event (pre-recorded) with speakers from NASA affiliated TRIS, ESA and RAL

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Keynote Speakers


They organised multiple large-scale events such as the talk with 'Apollo Flight Director Gerry Griffin' 12th November 2020, and Dana Andrews (4th December 2020), a former employee at Boeing and the former Chief Technology Officer at Spaceflight. These events both had more than 300 attendees each.

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Skill Development Workshops in Coding and Robotics

11 OCTOBER, 2020

They also organised various skill development workshops in coding and robotics, which was to give students a chance to engage in hands on work during the pandemic (they delivered basic equipment to students and then instructed them on virtual platforms on how to conduct the work).
o In collaboration with Robotics, we held Arduino Coding sessions every Saturday, with the First Session being held on the 5th October 2020
o KCL Space held Weekly Python Sessions which enabled members to aid their problem-solving skills while building on the ability to computationally represent the solutions to said problems. The First Session was held on the 1tth October 2020.


Fun Events

30 JULY, 2020

The society has also organised many other smaller events such as Launch Parties (virtual) for the Perseverance Rover (30th July 2020), and the SpaceX launches. Other events they organised include the Halloween Social (31st October 2020), World Space Week Movie Marathon, Arduino workshops, and they effectively used their social media to promote relevant space events and news.

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Community Outreach Programmes

20 MARCH, 2020

KCL Space also focuses on wellbeing in times of the global COVID-19 pandemic and they have organised multiple events to engage with people, network, and socialise. A few examples of the events they organised are, Star Wars Movie Nights (Every Friday Evening), Quiz nights and socials (Sponsored by the Institute of Physics and World Scientific Publishing) where they got the prizes delivered to residences of the attendees, and also provided reimbursements for food ordered during the event.

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Rocket Launch

Building Model Rockets

20 FEBRUARY, 2020

They have a strong Rocketry team, which is currently helping equip students with necessary skills, while simultaneously also working on building model rockets. They launched a Sustainability in Space campaign to raise awareness about space debris, among other pollutants and sustainable use of space; and they have grown their social media platforms to more than 1500 people from all over the world, and transformed their page into a science information sharing platform to keep people at all stages of life, interested and involved with space.

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