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In order to access your Roadrunner email account, you need to configure the server settings for your Roadrunner email. Here’s the comprehensive guide for Roadrunner Email Settings using IMAP and SMTP server. Let’s implement:

For Roadrunner IMAP Mail Server Settings

· (RoadRunner/TWC) IMAP Server:

· IMAP Port: 993

· IMAP Security: SSL / TLS

· IMAP Username: Your full RR email address

· IMAP Password: Your password

For Roadrunner SMTP Mail Server Settings

· (RoadRunner/TWC) SMTP Server:

· SMTP Port: 587


· SMTP Username: Your full RR email address

· SMTP Password: Your password

These are the correct Incoming and Outgoing Server setting up procedures for your Roadrunner email. Doing this enables you to access your account for sending/receiving emails.


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